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Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

Eight Good Reasons to Choose GTOC for Your LASIK Surgery

1. Quality care: Dr. Madion and Dr. von Kulajta are highly skilled, experienced, and respected specialists in this field.
2. State-of-the-art equipment: GTOC uses excimer laser technology, which assures extraordinary precision, control, and safety in the surgical correction of vision errors.
3. Peace of mind: You will get to know your physician and our facility before the procedure, which will make you more comfortable with the entire process. In addition, you will be in your own home before and after your surgery, instead of a hotel room in a strange city.
4. Individualized attention: Your doctor will discuss your specific condition and needs with you, and together you will decide on the best treatment option.
5. Post-operative care: Your connection with GTOC does not end after your surgery. Since our office is nearby, we are able to closely monitor your recovery and quickly respond to any concerns regarding progress, comfort level, and satisfaction.
6. Flexible financing options: GTOC will work with you to arrange the most convenient method of payment for your surgery.
7. Free consultation: Bring your questions to us, and we will guide you through every step of the process to help you decide whether LASIK is right for you. A LASIK video is also available.
8. Convenient scheduling: We schedule all LASIK surgery on Fridays, so that you will have the weekend to recover and will miss fewer days of work.


Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

LASIK stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, a surgical procedure designed to help individuals who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism (focus distortion) reduce or eliminate their dependence on corrective eyewear. A free screening at GTOC is available to help determine if you are a candidate for surgery. Prior to LASIK surgery, a detailed ocular examination with pupillary dilation is performed. At this time, your doctor will discuss the specifics of the surgery and review the risks and benefits.

Dr. Madion and Dr. von Kulajta perform LASIK surgery in our facility on an outpatient basis. Done under local “eye-drop” anesthesia, the procedure involves using an instrument called a microkeratome to lift a thin layer of the cornea and create a flap, and then reshaping the exposed cornea with the precision of the excimer laser. Finally, the flap is returned to its original position, where it reattaches itself naturally without the need for stitches. While recovery time is variable for each patient, most patients are comfortable and functional the day after surgery. Because the surgery is performed under a protective layer of corneal tissue, there is less surface area to heal, less risk of corneal haze and less postoperative discomfort.

Dr. Madion was instrumental in bringing the first excimer laser to Traverse City in 1997 and has been involved with refractive surgery and its evolving techniques since joining GTOC in 1992. Dr. von Kulajta obtained specialized training in corneal disease and refractive surgery at Johns Hopkins University after completing her ophthalmology residency at Ohio State University. (See complete bios in our Physicians section.)

At Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic, you will receive the expertise and personal attention you deserve – both before and after your LASIK surgery – right here in Northern Michigan.

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