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Introduction - Laser Cataract Surgery


GTOC Surgeons are pleased to offer laser-assisted cataract surgery in addition to traditional cataract surgery.  Recent advances in laser technology have led to the development specifically for use in cataract surgery.

What is the difference between traditional and laser-assisted cataract?

With traditional cataract surgery, the incisions into the eye are fashioned with a blade.  The opening into the lens capsule is also created manually by the surgeon.  In laser-assisted cataract surgery, the incisions and capsule opening are performed with the laser.  The laser is also used to correct low amounts of astigmatism and to soften the cataract, allowing easier removal with ultrasound.

What are the advantages of laser-assisted cataract surgery?

The laser is more precise and consistent in creating incisions and capsule openings. The ability to correct low amounts of astigmatism is also an advantage.

Are all patients candidates for laser-assisted cataract surgery?

The majority of patients are candidates. Certain eye conditions, poorly dilating pupils, and patients with neck motility restrictions may not be candidates.

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